These Are The 5 Must-See TV Series On DVD

By Bil Moore

TV is becoming irrelevant, as most of us are now catching up on new series by watching them -- at our own pace -- on DVD. If you're still wondering where to start -- or if you've finished what you have and need to know what to watch next -- we've got these five, essential, unforgettable TV Series on DVD for you.

#5: Jersey Mob Drama The Sopranos.

There's really no reason not to have skipped The Sopranos. Nowhere else did a show ever get into this level of psychological depth with its characters, and nowhere except in a novel can you find this much texture and drama.

#4: 1960s Period Drama Mad Men.

More recent than most of the other shows on this list, Mad Men quickly shot up to become one of the most heralded new American shows. If you aren't watching this amazing TV series on DVD, you're missing out on its unique narrative thrust, all the better when seen in succession.

#3: The Original UK Office.

Yep, the US version of this show is wonderful. It's also very long -- they've hit over 100 episodes and don't show much sign of slowing down. If you're getting a little burnt out on the Pam/Jim story, go back to this BBC classic and see where it all came from. Unmissable.

#2: Larry David's Hilarious Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Season 7 is worth the price of admission alone -- it's the only place where you can see a complete Seinfeld reunion, spread out over 10 wonderful episodes. This is everything the Seinfeld finale should have been, and then some.

#1: Dickensian Drama The Wire.

If you ever needed a TV series on DVD to justify the whole practice of watching endless TV episodes at home, in order, this is it. There is no other modern series that pulls you in with such incredible skill, that practically mandates you sit there and watch episode after glorious episode. A masterpiece. - 29872

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