This Is It Film By Michael Jackson Headed For A Brilliant Winner

By Glass Franklin

The soon to be released, "This Is It" has Michael Jackson fans pumped and excited to revisit his last weeks before his untimely passing, just four months ago.

Because of the ongoing investigation and controversy surrounding his death, many of us will have the same thoughts about going to see it and will probably ask the question, "Is this too soon after his funeral?"

Michael Jackson died on June 25th in the year 2009, and in the month of October a movie will be out. Actually not a movie, but a "behind the scenes" documentary for his 50-show run at London's O2 arena.

This was to be the King of Pop's final tour. If you are thinking that Michael would be frail, sickly or under the influence of drugs as some have implied, think again. He is anything but that.

This "behind the scenes" documentary is interesting to watch and gives you a glimpse into Michael's world. You'll see just what Michael experiences in his daily rehearsals and just what a "perfectionist" he was. He was strong and moved effortlessly across the stage, singing and pouring his soul out, song after song.

Michael's a perfectionist and you'll see that as he guides his team with a firm but loving hand. His rehearsals are upbeat but relentless, and as he says, "That's why we have rehearsals". But at the same time he always gives love out as he always ends his sessions with "God Bless" or "It's all for love".

You can see that he always wanted everyone to laugh and have fun. It was very interesting to watch Michael because he was such a perfectionist and it showed.

From the musicians to the dancers, to the special effects, Michael guided his team with a firm hand, but yet showed much compassion, love and kindness toward everyone around him. He was always quick to give a "God Bless" or "It's all for love" at the end of every practice.

Whether you are a Michael Jackson fan or not, I can guarantee you that "This Is It" will make you think twice about him. The guy had a tremendously big heart for people and his music. You get that. And you feel it. And you won't help but dance in your seat when you watch it. It's very obvious after watching the King of Pop, that he was truly happy and healthy in the weeks before his untimely death. Although he will be missed dearly, we can now go back again and again through the "This Is It" film footage to revisit our dear friend who will forever live on in our hearts, as we were in his. - 29872

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