Why Video Films Are So Encouraging To Our Lives

By Heath Hayes

Have you ever noticed how emotional you can get when you are watching a movie? Movies tend to stimulate the mind and bring up past memories both good and bad. They have to power to take us back into past events that occurred as we relive certain experiences through a particular movie plot.

A good romance movie will remind you of inspiring times of heartfelt love. They can bring back memories of when you first fell in love or of a time when you were emotionally unstable because of a relationship breakup. We all can identify with certain types of love stories.

A good love story is not always about falling in love. Sometimes they are about breaking apart as two people find themselves entangled in a web of deceit and amidst unpleasant circumstances. Hollywood movie makers understand the emotional connection people have to movies in general and will most often base a movie on the broadest range of true possibilities.

Have you ever watched a movie where a particular type of crime took place? It could be a plot of drama wherein a group of adolescent teenagers or young adults are steeling cars, or burglarizing homes. If you have ever had a car stolen in real life, a movie such as this will cause the same emotional anger to resurface.

Comedy or funny movies remind us of the fun times in life. Very often, they take us back to a time when we were involved in something crazy too. It could be as simple as watching the movie Revenge of the Nerds where one college pranks after another was played on a group of nerdy students or as simple as remembering how much fun you had when you play hooky as illustrated in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

There is nothing better than watching a good comedy movie. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. A good funny movie has the tendency briefly change the things we focus on. When you are watching a comedy, you tend to forgot about all the serious things going on in your life.

Good movies not only take us back in time, they also inspire us to reach for better things in the future too. They have a tendency to make us feel warm and hopeful when you watch a person achieve enormous success against all odds. After all, who does not like an underdog?

A good film can inspire you to accomplish great things. They can also provide wisdom and insight if the movie you are watching is very similar to your life's present circumstances. Movies will always have a significant place in our lives. They will continue to make us laugh and cry and they will often be the source of unexpected wisdom when we need it the most. - 29872

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